Setbacks and perspective 

This post was supposed to be about travel philosophy. That draft was eaten by the WordPress iOS app. But, given I wrote it in a middle seat, in front of the exit row (no recline), next to a manspreader, while on ‘roid rage – it’s probably for the better that I lost it.

And about the ‘roid rage. Today’s post is about a life lesson in things not being in your control. 

About three weeks ago I developed an odd pain in my hip area. I figure I did something to it and rested over the weekend. By Monday, when it hasn’t gone away and after it turning into a limp, I got in with a primary care doc who didn’t do a whole lot other than say take a lot of Advil and gave me a referral in case it didn’t improve. It didn’t improve, still limping. By the end of the week, I had been told by the specialist they could get me in, in August. After a lot of back and forth I finally got in on a cancel. She gave me steroids and a referral to physical therapy and a funny talk on the side effects (sorry if I have been overly aggressive the last week – although I feel like I’ve been especially chill). After a few days of no return calls from PT, I got in yesterday.

That is where hope and denial ended, full stop.

Apparently my leg doesn’t want me to get Zika, travel the Amazon, or visit the salt flats. It wants a few months of PT to fix my SI joint and let me walk normally without pain or a limp.

I barely held back tears in the appointment, and completely lost it once I got home. All I can do now is hope a weird belt arriving today (thanks Amazon for the one day Saturday shipping) and five days of at home PT give me enough confidence I am headed in the right direction that I can get on the flight Thursday. Even then, I have to decide whether it is worth it to limp around for a month. Here is to hoping I can make this work.

While it is a bummer and fairly crushing to know I may have to postpone the sabattical, it still isn’t the worst of the week – which proves that perspective is, in fact, everything. My smart, funny, and fun Aunt Susan, with a wicked sense of humor, passed away unexpectedly Monday night. She will be missed greatly. Sending tons of love to her sisters, mom and Nancy. RIP Susan, hopefully you are having a good laugh at this now. ♥️

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