Travel Philosophy (AKA – Jen learns to chillax)

So, travel philosophy. 

I’ve never boarded a flight without having hotels booked for every night (sometime a few options if I can’t decide), at least some restaurant recommendations and reservations, and a decently planned schedule. For international travel, I want to have directions in my phone of the best way to a hotel, information on using the local transit system, and have learned the basics in communication if English isn’t the primary language. I also frequently book two or three plane tickets for trips so I can be flexible and have contingencies planned for. As I mentioned before, my travel habits are pretty fixed, and somewhat neurotic.

(The irony being once I plan the major stuff, I completely drop the ball until I get on the plane, and then I desperately Facebook for suggestions, and my friends, you always deliver! I love you my well traveled peeps!)

Back to this trip. I leave Thursday. My only plans are long haul flights, all using miles which means they can be changed or canceled. I have a hotel for a few nights in Bogota. Absolutely nothing else is set …

I’m excited and terrified. I somewhat question my ability to relax and leave this much to chance. I’ve loved reading and seeing his adventures unfold. But he has always been much better than me at going with the flow, just ask our third grade teacher who is probably reading this (hi Mrs. Meade!).

Anyone who knows me, knows that chilling the f*** out has never been a strong suit. It has been an “area for improvement” since about pre-school. And while it has its benefits, it also has probably taken years off my life, which I hope to recover on this trip.

So I resolve I am going to let go, live in the moment, talk to strangers (remember, I’m a long time Seattleite – founding member of the “freeze” – we really don’t mean anything by it) and go where the day takes me. I’ve already started by deciding this weekend that I won’t let my hip issues alter this trip. I was blown away by all of the support and calls and texts last week, and you all gave me the confidence to not let this hold me back, and simply adapt the trip to me. If I can’t keep up with exploring Colombia, I’m simply heading to the Galapagos for a few weeks of physical therapy on the beach, Spanish practice, and learning photography. And most importantly chilling the f*** out.

T minus 30 hours until check in. Time to pack (or rather repack, since I’ve now looked up the weather – apparently it is cold in winter in South America). More on that soon. See you in Bogota!

One thought on “Travel Philosophy (AKA – Jen learns to chillax)

  • I WAS reading this, Jen! Thanks for knowing that! May you have incredible travels–I’m really looking forward to ‘traveling’ with you!


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