Bogota, continued

After a quick nap – we were ready to see Bogota at night. Trouble is our neighborhood, while wonderfully central to historic sites during the day, isn’t where you want to be at night. Bogota could be eerily empty for a city of 7 million.

On the recommendation of a friend of a friend, we decided to head to Andres D.C. We took an Uber and learned that Uber is illegal in Bogota, but even more interesting and disturbing is that cab drivers have taken to physical violence against Uber drivers. Thus we learned the local Uber etiquette: 1) someone has to sit in front, and 2) the Uber driver is your “friend” if ever asked.

Back to Andres, we arrive to see a six story building, all part of this bar/club/restaurant. There is neon everywhere, dancers outside (the Cirque de Soleil kind) and ladies in traditional dress serving complementary tequila in limes. We pay cover and they bring us to a bar table to wait. Total … sensory … overload. We get the 40 page menu and decide to order what we were recommended by the friend who sent us there rather than spend hours reading it.

In short – non stop crazy, delicious drinks, and wonderful food. While the meal was American prices, it was truly worth the experience.

Day one ends and we decide to head home.

Day 2 began with a trip to the Gold Museum with Marta, Steven’s friend Yanka’s friend. She was a great host and we learned a lot about Colombia. The museum was beautiful and we saw many interesting pieces. We stopped for coffee in the museum and it was delicious. You’d think that all coffee here would be good, but many places brew huge pots that sit for hours and are tasteless. The good coffee is excellent, but most coffee is bad.

Then back for a quick break before our food tour. Our guide from Bogota Pass spoke fantastic English, learned while studying abroad in Alabama for a year in high school. We tried mostly street foods, including some of the best empanadas of or lives. We also learned more about Colombian history and cuisine in our walk through town. My favorite was the empanadas, Steven likes the chocolate drink made of various protein beans that you dipped cheese in.

We ended with a coffee stop, in of all places the Gold Museum. This time it was served in a contraption I hadn’t seen before. The water was boiled, turned to steam, and then condensed through the filter. Yum.

Afterwards we wandered on our own, checking out the local Botero museum (fantastic – included several other amazing pieces, like the Dali below, in a breathtaking setting), and going back to Bolivar Plaza (the main square) watching the kids chase the birds, and the presidential residence.

We ventured out a bit that evening, ending up at the Bogota Beer Company for some craft brews. However, the pipe burst in the ceiling after a pint, so we called it an evening.

Two fully packed days. One more to go before heading to Medellin (including airport drama, wherein Jen and Steven pull ninja moves to avoid losing a day).

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