Cartagena (Photo Album)

A beautiful exterior of a church
From the wall protecting the city from pirates

A woman sells fruit in traditional dress
Carts everywhere with everything
The main clocktower on the city wall
Waiting to find the perfect bag. These are everywhere in Colombia.
The view from my bunk. I made it through three nights in the hostel.
This kid could keep a beat
During a walking tour, we ended in a square with a dance performance. It was a highlight.
Love the motion here.
Finally an escape to our first beach of the trip
Color everywhere.
I didn’t eat the raw fish
Can get fresh fruit, everywhere
The women selling on the beach had great balance.
This was actually tempting.
Delivering fuel to our boat.
Starting a new series – selfies in odd places
You’ll see why in the next photo
This is for you Jeanne! In Cartagena, the animal on the knocker symbolizes the status of the house. For example, part of the government or a fisherman.
Gnarly weather


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