Two weeks down. I’ve got a longer post about my past week in Providencia coming soon, but in the meantime, during a two day downpour, I had a chance to think about what I want to get out of the trip.

It came down to a list of resolutions and challenges. Some are cheating since I am already well on the way, or done, but this is my way of using public accountability to force myself to be uncomfortable, challenged, and try new things.

(Yes, some are easy and simply things I want to remember to do!)

Here is the list, but in the spirit of being uncomfortable and challenged, please suggest more in the comments! I’ll buy a beer for anyone that gives me a good one that I accept, and dinner if I then fail to complete it.

  1. Stay at a hostel in a shared room, for the first time ever (done, and doing again tonight 😉
  2. Stick to a budget – and that budget is more hostel than Four Seasons (not sure Jerry or my family believes me without photos). As a cheat, I get a free Starwood on points once a month to clean up.
  3. Fly on 10 different airlines (already at 6, American, Avianca, Viva Colombia, Satena, Latam, and tonight Copa) and get photos in two different cockpits with the pilots
  4. Go to an airport without a ticket, review the board, and pick a destination
  5. Take a flight lesson
  6. Stay out until sunrise
  7. Improve my Spanish to be proficient
  8. Really learn how to use my camera
  9. Walk 20 miles in a day
  10. See the statues on Easter Island
  11. Sleep at a winery, on a boat, and in a hammock (not at the same time)
  12. Read 20 books
  13. Scuba dive in two countries
  14. Take a local dance class
  15. Ride a bike (not hard, but a goal for improvement of my SI joint – something I can’t yet do with current issues)
  16. Have a travel meltdown – if I don’t, I am not trying hard enough
  17. Take a 8+ hour bus (likely will be the cause of the said travel meltdown, as buses have been my main source in the past)
  18. Have a dozen meals with strangers (~once a week), get invited to at least one home meal (one meal complete on the meal with strangers)
  19. Fully build out the blog, including travel pages for frequently traveled places

6 thoughts on “Goals

  • These are so good! I’ve always wanted to see Easter Island!
    What about:
    Try a new food that you would never have been brave enough to try? See sunrise from a hot air balloon? I’ll think of more.


  • New one: take a photo with police or military in each country. Ideally with cool uniform. Colombia = done! I’ll challenge SteveLeavesTug.com for the best photo. He is winning for Colombia.


  • Love this. I’m particularly interested in airport without a plan as well as photos from you sharing a hostel room.


  • How about adding this to the list:
    Hook up with a random British guy from your hotel while your travel companion is suffering from hives? (Oh wait, this is your bucket list, not mine)..

    Seriously though here area few suggestions
    -Karaoke or dancing with strangers
    -Make up a fake life story and name (preferably a story you find entertaining, improbable, or desirable) and for an entire day play out that persona with any people you talk to.
    -Ride an animal that is not native to the US (llamas?)
    -cliff diving (actually that makes me nervous just thinking about it)


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