Wisconsin, rightly or wrongly, has never been high on my bucket list. I’ve only been once, on a road trip where Jerry required a stop at his only religious site, Lambeau Field.
So a family wedding (and direct flight, thanks #iflyalaska) presented a great excuse to visit a city that apparently made this year’s NY Times top 100 places to visit. 

Given I’m months late to actually posting this – a 20 hour flight delay will do that, thanks Korean Air – I’ll keep this relatively brief. It was a lovely wedding, and a fun weekend.

If you go, stay at the Kimpton Journeyman in the Historic Third Ward with a chic looking roof bar and easy walking access to all attractions. We stayed at the large grand dame wedding hotel with an ADORABLE Dog Millie (puppy mini golden doodle). Hotel was lovely with great historic venue spaces, but a bit of a walk from the areas we wanted to explore.

We did a food tour, I don’t recommend this in Milwaukee. It is the first food tour I’ve done that is a bust. I wonder if the food tour was for foreigners what foreign food tours are for me. I found nothing interesting or local about it other than the two cute chocolate shops we stopped in at the end. We were the only youngin’s on the tour, and it featured some truly mediocre food like fried “gnocchi”- it seemed like the main qualification for a stop was large and empty restaurant (we passed by many others that were packed and presumably serving food that attracted people who had a choice).

Example of food tour food in Milwaukee. Italian fried gnocchi???

There was an abundance of good coffee wandering the Third Ward, including Collectivo, Kickapoo, and Stone Creek Coffee in the 88Nine public radio building (where you can do double duty and send out free postcards to your friends back home).

Worth visiting: River walk, the Art Museum (punches above its weight), apparently the Harley Museum is good if you are into that kind of thing, and the public market is worth a quick lunch.


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