The big trip 2017: Stop 1, Dubai layover

With unfamiliar foreign travel, there is always a moment. Long past the exhaustion of endless airport walkways,  navigating through the invisible borders of a foreign nation’s immigration queue, the joy of a successful ATM, and you finally find your ride. You sit down, settle in, exhale, look outside and realize the travel is over, and smile as you know that you … have … arrived.

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Africa 2017: Photo Preview

Three months later I’m finally going through the thousands of photos from Africa in September. Here is my top 10 preview. More to come soon.


Baby elephant in Victoria Falls
The Herd
Hip Hip Hoorey (Hippos)
Baby cub
Very baby
Africa edited_170924_1C4A9390
Night kill
Africa edited_170923_P9230275
Waiting for mom to let them feed
Africa edited_170924_P9241062
Africa edited_170915_P9150503


Wisconsin, rightly or wrongly, has never been high on my bucket list. I’ve only been once, on a road trip where Jerry required a stop at his only religious site, Lambeau Field.
So a family wedding (and direct flight, thanks #iflyalaska) presented a great excuse to visit a city that apparently made this year’s NY Times top 100 places to visit.  Read more

Washington Summer Weekend: Kayak camping in the San Juan Islands

It is a fall of firsts, starting with a weekend in August that featured my first yoga retreat, first time sea kayaking, first time camping from a boat, first time to Friday Harbor, and the list goes on. The weekend involved 11 remarkable women, 6 kayaks, 20+ miles on the water, a hump back whale, lots of laughter, seals, bald eagles, mouthwatering local produce and delicious meals, a quaint BNB, a rainy night in a tent, being wet and cold, delighting in the sun, four Orcas, with a few sessions of yoga thrown in for good measure and a delightful massage to recover from it all. My only regret, the fact this was my first time to the San Juans since high school!

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Back to the homeland: A weekend of old and new in Anchorage

As the t-shirts say, I was “Alaska Grown.” When I moved south to Gig Harbor at age 12, I constantly threatened my family I’d return to UAA for college and there was nothing they could do to stop me. (I apparently got over it by the time I was 18.)

But I haven’t been back much, and with the convenient excuse of The Shins playing a set in the parking lot of a pizzeria, Jerry was not only onboard – he was the instigator.

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A Jewish Christmas … in China

First, sorry for dropping the ball. I am not still in Morocco. After my last post in September, I traveled with my family for three weeks to London, Rome, Athens, Malta, and Israel, before coming back to Seattle and returning to work. I’ve been heads down since then helping put another Amazon Q4 in the books (an amazing holiday, check it out). It is time to get back to the blog, we’ve still got to catch up on those places and a quick but awesome weekend in Mexico city, but for now, fast forward to Christmas Eve.

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