Africa 2017: Photo Preview

Three months later I’m finally going through the thousands of photos from Africa in September. Here is my top 10 preview. More to come soon.


Baby elephant in Victoria Falls
The Herd
Hip Hip Hoorey (Hippos)
Baby cub
Very baby
Africa edited_170924_1C4A9390
Night kill
Africa edited_170923_P9230275
Waiting for mom to let them feed
Africa edited_170924_P9241062
Africa edited_170915_P9150503

Wrap Up: Colombia Graffiti 

Now that I have functioning Internet for the first time in a few weeks (thanks Hostel Loki!) it is time to catch up on a few photo albums. Today, Colombia graffiti. Rumor has it that it was legalized when Bieber visited and was escorted by police to tag a space (seems to be validated by the Internet: Link). But this isn’t normal graffiti, this is art (the other kind is still prohibited). Here are some of the things we saw in Bogota and Medellin, including rooftops painted by the local beer company in the bad areas of town. We missed the tour in Bogota, but it comes recommended, link. Guess which one is my favorite (hint, saved the best for last).  Read more