Moroccan Adventure

I was getting restless during my second stay at the W Santiago. Using the blissful high speed internet – the first halfway decent internet access in two months – I decided to plan out the rest of the trip. This was early September, and I needed to be in Rome by September 21.

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Goals Check In

I am nearing the final stretch. In real time, I’ve made it to Rome from South America, spent a week in Morocco, headed to London to find my parents, back to Rome to get on a cruise with the family, spent three days in Israel and a day in Santorini, and today I am in Kusadasi, Turkey. In exactly a week I will be done and back to real life.

So how well did I do on my goals, and what do I have left to do in my final few days?

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Hola Galapagos, adios connectivity

A brief post. We’re still alive, but Internet in the Galapagos is lacking (and no cell service). It has been great to be truly disconnected. After a week on land and diving from Santa Cruz and Isabela, we board the Nemo II tomorrow for a week on a boat. Everything here is surreal, the animals, the land, the water. A few quick pics from my phone, real (amazing) pics to come from La Paz in 10 days.  Read more