Nashville – The Perfect Mileage Run (or Weekend)

Music, food, and a small and easy city makes Nashville a perfect 36 hour town.

I’m late to the Nashville bandwagon – both the show and the city – but I am 100% onboard. With everyone singing its praises (in the past year, each member of my immediate family has gone, all on separate trips), Nashville was a natural choice when I realized I’d be short for my Alaska Air MVP Gold status and would need to do a mileage run in December. So I grabbed some Nashville veterans (Gena & Jerry) to introduce me to music city.

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Wisconsin, rightly or wrongly, has never been high on my bucket list. I’ve only been once, on a road trip where Jerry required a stop at his only religious site, Lambeau Field.
So a family wedding (and direct flight, thanks #iflyalaska) presented a great excuse to visit a city that apparently made this year’s NY Times top 100 places to visit.  Read more

Back to the homeland: A weekend of old and new in Anchorage

As the t-shirts say, I was “Alaska Grown.” When I moved south to Gig Harbor at age 12, I constantly threatened my family I’d return to UAA for college and there was nothing they could do to stop me. (I apparently got over it by the time I was 18.)

But I haven’t been back much, and with the convenient excuse of The Shins playing a set in the parking lot of a pizzeria, Jerry was not only onboard – he was the instigator.

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