Bula! (Fiji Time)

Last year, Fiji wasn’t on our travel radar. In fact, none of us knew anything about Fiji when friends offered up an extra bedroom in their hotel (and they were unfortunately unable to make the trip with us). But with free Alaska Air mileage tickets with partners Fiji and Korean Air, and the trip overlapping Thanksgiving and my birthday, we were still game to fly across the Pacific for a week of fun and sun. We were pleasantly surprised by the crystal clear waters, friendly Fijians, and reasonably-priced resorts.  Since Fiji is one of the NY Times 52 places to go in 2018, here is your head start on planning your Fijian getaway.

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Nashville – The Perfect Mileage Run (or Weekend)

Music, food, and a small and easy city makes Nashville a perfect 36 hour town.

I’m late to the Nashville bandwagon – both the show and the city – but I am 100% onboard. With everyone singing its praises (in the past year, each member of my immediate family has gone, all on separate trips), Nashville was a natural choice when I realized I’d be short for my Alaska Air MVP Gold status and would need to do a mileage run in December. So I grabbed some Nashville veterans (Gena & Jerry) to introduce me to music city.

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Safari: South Africa & Victoria Falls

It’s taken me a few months (OK, seven) to get this post written. I still haven’t really gone through my thousands of photos.  The problem I keep facing as I sit down to finalize this  – there is no way to do the trip justice. I’ve been fortunate to go many interesting places, but there is nothing comparable to seeing a parade of elephants, including infants, so close they could turn on you in seconds – or seeing a lioness devour her kill as her babies perch nearby waiting to get their turn. We saw the Big 5, the largest waterfall in the world, went rafting on some terrifying Class 5 rapids, and came face to face with great whites.

So I’ll keep this post factual and full of links to help you plan your African safari. (I’ve also posted my top photos here.)

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A Jewish Christmas … in China

First, sorry for dropping the ball. I am not still in Morocco. After my last post in September, I traveled with my family for three weeks to London, Rome, Athens, Malta, and Israel, before coming back to Seattle and returning to work. I’ve been heads down since then helping put another Amazon Q4 in the books (an amazing holiday, check it out). It is time to get back to the blog, we’ve still got to catch up on those places and a quick but awesome weekend in Mexico city, but for now, fast forward to Christmas Eve.

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Moroccan Adventure

I was getting restless during my second stay at the W Santiago. Using the blissful high speed internet – the first halfway decent internet access in two months – I decided to plan out the rest of the trip. This was early September, and I needed to be in Rome by September 21.

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Goals Check In

I am nearing the final stretch. In real time, I’ve made it to Rome from South America, spent a week in Morocco, headed to London to find my parents, back to Rome to get on a cruise with the family, spent three days in Israel and a day in Santorini, and today I am in Kusadasi, Turkey. In exactly a week I will be done and back to real life.

So how well did I do on my goals, and what do I have left to do in my final few days?

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