Africa 2017: Photo Preview

Three months later I’m finally going through the thousands of photos from Africa in September. Here is my top 10 preview. More to come soon.


Baby elephant in Victoria Falls
The Herd
Hip Hip Hoorey (Hippos)
Baby cub
Very baby
Africa edited_170924_1C4A9390
Night kill
Africa edited_170923_P9230275
Waiting for mom to let them feed
Africa edited_170924_P9241062
Africa edited_170915_P9150503

Moroccan Adventure

I was getting restless during my second stay at the W Santiago. Using the blissful high speed internet – the first halfway decent internet access in two months – I decided to plan out the rest of the trip. This was early September, and I needed to be in Rome by September 21.

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Off to the Salt Flats

Despite the guidebooks uniformity listing Salar de Uyuni as a top highlight of South America, I was initially planning on skipping it. That would have been a big mistake. But after the Jungle trip, three more days in a car sounded miserable. To top it off, the interwebs is awash with stories of drunk drivers, sub-standard accommodations, and warnings to bring your own provisions. Hmm, this didn’t sound so fun.  Read more