Where I went

I’m home – but here was the final itinerary. 

July 7: Seattle to Bogota, Colombia

July 11: Bogota to Medellin

July 12: Medellin to Cartagena

July 15: Cartegena to San Andres

July 16: San Andres to Providencia

July 21: Providencia to Quito, Ecuador

July 24: Galapagos (Land, Santa Cruz)

July 28: Galapagos (Land, Isabela)

July 31: Galapagos, Boat

August 7: La Paz, Bolivia (1 month on the road!)

August 11: Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

August 12: Jungle and Pampas tour (Bolivia)

August 17: La Paz, Bolivia

August 19: Sucre, Bolivia

August 21: Potosi, Bolivia

August 22: Uyuni, Bolivia

August 23: Salar de Uyuni tour (three days) Bolivia to Chile

August 25: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

August 27: Santiago, Chile

August 29: Easter Island, Chile

September 2: Santiago, Chile

September 3: Valparaiso, Chile

September 5: Santiago, Chile

September 6: Rome, Italy

September 10: Morocco

September 17: London, England (meet the parents)

September 21: Rome, Italy (Steven joins the family vacation)

September 24-October 8: family cruise (RT from Rome – including Greece, Malta and Israel)

October 8: Rome to Seattle (overnight in London)

October 9: Seattle, Jerry, Toby 🙂

October 10: Back to work


I often get asked for travel recommendations, here they are! I will build these out over time, consider them a work in progress for now. Please leave your tips in the comments.